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"In Love With Earth" has been offering beauty and inspirational content in a practical wall calendar since 2011. The 2021 edition offers a ten year retrospective set of vibrant images, alongside thought provoking quotes and commentary to deepen our sense of cherishing the Earth and our wish to act for a sustainable future. Moon phases and meteor showers are noted, and there are a unique set of eco holidays included. Profits from sales are donated to Daily Acts, a non-profit group running over one hundred programs a year to educate and strengthen communities for sustainable living.


Purchasing calendars in bulk (10 or more) is a cost effective way to have a superb and meaningful Earth loving holiday gift for your family and friends, employees or clients. Please contact Leslie Curchack to place an order at that level. Contact:

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“The photographs evoke Earth’s beauty and the quotes open our minds.”
  - Joanna Macy


With my images of Nature's grace, I hope to inspire awe and cherishing for the miraculous planet we live on.

"May you walk through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life." - Apache blessing

Leslie Curchack

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2020 Open Studios

This year's Art Trails program is online at
I have prints for sale in their virtual gallery, or you are most welcome to contact me and come to my studio for a full showing of my work.

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Purchase Prints

Images can be printed in all sizes, on a variety of mediums: archival paper, canvas, silk, wood, or metal. Large size prints are especially effective for the home, workplace or events that call for the harmonizing influence of Nature's beauty. An engraved title card with the photo's chosen inspirational quote is included. Leasing options are available, and I can deliver and assist with the installation of your art. Please contact me for pricing, and purchase arrangements through Paypal or check.

Phone: 707-765-0300


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About Leslie Curchack

P1100273Originally from New York, I have lived over half my life in Northern California. My professional career as an MFT in private practice, in Hospice social work, and in local school counseling, has not kept me from pursuing my main passion of photography these past 15 years. My work has been exhibited in Bay area galleries, and also in Hawaii and New York. I was the featured photographer in the original edition of the journal ‘Wild Hope.’ Since 2011 I have produced an annual calendar to benefit Daily Acts, a nonprofit sustainability group. ( It features my nature photography, as well as inspiration and practical actions for loving the Earth each day of the year. 

The beauty of our natural environment speaks to me strongly. Taking my camera to the ocean or the mountains, or to my back garden, is a quest for images that strike the eye, mind and heart in a potent and mysterious way. I especially like conveying a sense of the underlying designs and patterns of creation, and playing with the interface between abstraction and representation. When I can use my art to inspire or reinforce a love of nature leading towards environmental awareness and stewardship, I am especially happy.